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The Wesley-Barrell Craft Awards 2014

One of my favourite pieces, The Hall Table is now on show in London W1 at the Wesley-Barrell showrooms off Wigmore street as part of the prestigious Wesley-Barrell Craft awards.  A fantastic opportunity to see some of the UK’s finest young designers work which has been shortlisted for this award. Wesley-Barrell Craft Awards

A Beautiful Crotch


Something Stunning

One of my favourite timber cuts has to be the crotch, ‘flame or curl’.  Cut form a specific part of the tree where the branches fork it produces some truly incredible figuring, and can be hard to get hold of.

This small English walnut crotch from a tree felled in south Devon has to be one of the finest I have seen, and I will most likely use it for the lid of a truly unique jewellery box.  

As with all timber, I will never find a crotch that looks just like this again, each one is unique.  See the journey of this crotch over the coming months

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The crotch or flame comes from a specific part of the tree where the branches start to fork, producing some truly amazing figuring

    The crotch on a tree  

Makers Exchange

Contemporary craft in Cardiff

Select makers from the Devon Guild of Craftsmen will be showcasing their work in the Makers Guild, Wales through the makers exchange from 10 may to 23 June.    I am delighted to have a number of pieces on show, alongside ceramics, jewellery, metalwork and glass; a great chance to browse some specially selected work!

Memory box by Edward Wild

The Wesley-Barrel Craft Awards 2014


I am delighted to have been shortlisted for the prestigious Wesley-Barrell craft awards 2014.


Since their inception in 2006 the Wesley-Barrel Craft Awards have become established in the craft calendar and boast a history of spotting rising stars in the world of craft design and making;  See more at:

 The Hall Table:  What the Judges said…….

 “This console is an essay in classic ‘fine’ furniture technique which almost literally frames exuberance with a disciplined restraint.” 

The shortlisted pieces will be on show to view in a showcase at the Wesley-Barrell showroom at 15 Wigmore Street, London W1 from 5th – 18th June.  The showcase will then travel to Art in Action, a festival of fine art and master craftsmanship held 17-20th July 2014 at Waterperry House Oxfordshire.


The Hall table by furniture designer Edward Wild


The Wild Rose: Flowers with Personality


Spring has arrived with the flowered jewellery box

With care, each petal on each flower has been individually hand cut and inlaid using vibrant yellow spindle wood, to create the stylised flowers sprinkled over these boxes.  Inspired by the wild roses found throughout the hedgerows of my youth, these fun flowers are patiently inlaid on these limited edition handmade jewellery boxes. 

The pastel yellow spindle wood used to create these flowers was highly prized for marquetry during the Italian renaissance, where English spindle wood was exported to Italy for its vibrant colour.  A small non-commercial tree, it is now rarely used in fine furniture, I am lucky to have a small amount of this amazing wood which I have sawn stored and dried for use over many years alongside planting over twenty more spindle trees for the cabinet makers of the future

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The flower Jewellery Box by Edward Wild