Christmas Crafts and Contemporary Prints 2014


Trees Returning Home


I am delighted to have a selection of jewellery and occasional boxes at the Shire Hall Gallery in Stafford for the Christmas Crafts and Contemporary Prints Exhibition. Some of the woods used were felled in Stafford by my brother and are now returning to the county in which they grew for this exhibition.Jewellery Boxes by Edward Wild

Autumn Colours

If A Tree Has A Fruit This Vibrant, Just Imagine How Crazy Its Timber Will Look.  


Euonymus europaeus, the European spindle has an amazing vibrant pink fruit which is on show to its full glory now in late autumn, but its wood is the real surprise, glowing a vibrant lemon yellow.

Spindle wood Flowers and Timber with Edward Wild 

Spindle wood was highly prized in furniture for marquetry and inlay work throughout the 18th century, but is rarely used now.  I have been lucky enough to have some and have been using it for several years, creating the cartoon style flowers on some of my boxes, the bright yellow flowers are inlaid with a sprinkling both inside and out.  A real nice surprise to the box. 

The 20 spindle trees I have so far planted will help to ensure the availability of this stunning timber to the cabinetmakers of the future.

 The Flower Jewellery Box By Edward Wild

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The Jewel - Autumn 2014

The Jewel - The Latest Jewellery Box Range By Furniture Maker Edward Wild


A dramatic ebony framed sunburst flows around the box, opening to reveal a shimmering white rippled sycamore lining, and suede lined tray.  This limited edition box is available from the studio.  Contact Edward for Further details

Jewellery Box by Edward Wild

Jewellery Box by Edward Wild

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Art In Action Summer 2014


 The Wesley-Barrell Craft Awards 2014

The shortlisted pieces from the Wesley barrel craft awards 2014 including my winning piece The Hall Table will be exhibited at the Wesley-Barrell showcase during Art in action 2014 (17th-20th July 2014 Waterperry Gardens Oxfordshire)  A great chance to see some of the UK’s finest artists and craftsmen demonstrating their work.

Edward Wild Contemporary Furniture with Juliette Barrell

Edward Wild receiving his Wesley-Barrell Craft Awards from Juliette Barrell.

Edward Wild Furniture

Art In Action 2014


Inside The Art in Action Gallery

On Saturday 19th July I will be demonstrating various cabinet-making techniques including French polishing in the Art in Action Gallery at Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire during Art in action 2014.  I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Edward Wild Furniture