Upcoming Events 2016

The Rosewood Jewell At CCD Selection at London Craft Week 3-7 May 2016


A select 21 designer-makers from the renowned Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design August exhibition in Cheltenham  will be on display at Craft Central, Clerkenwell as part of London Craft Week.

This is a great opportunity to catch a glimpse into the bespoke workshops of the UKs finest master craftsmen and women, with a chance to meet the designer-makers on Tuesday 3rd May and find out what inspires there work, or to commission your very own piece.


The Rosewood Jewell Jewellery Box by Edward Wild

The Rosewood Jewell.

To comision your own jewellery box, please contact Edward



Upcoming Events: Spring 2016

Exhibiting at Inspired 2016: London

The Goldsmiths’ Centre will host the fourth year of this impressive selling exhibition of the UK’s finest silversmiths and bespoke furniture makers

10-14 May

Inspired Exhibition 2016

I am delighted to be exhibiting at this exciting event again this year and am looking forward to seeing some of you there

Further Information about the event can be found at:



My First Article in Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine: Issue 242


Deconstructing The Burnett Table

Make plane veneers shine with the perfect sunburst technique p45

Edward Wild shares his technique for creating deceptively simple but perfectly stunning sunburst panels from plane veneers.

 Furniture & Cabinetmaking with Edward Wild

The Burnett Table by Edward Wild

See the making of the Burnett Tables with a glimpse into the workshop.





Beautiful Wood Beautiful Boxes

Hand Made Jewellery & Ring Boxes


I have recently finished working on a new selection of ring boxes and occasional box in a range of stunning woods including English Walnut, American Walnut and English Oak, with some very special 5300 year old Bog Oak detailing.

Occasional Boxes by Edward Wild

Where the bog oak came from

When the oak tree was growing over 5000 years ago the climate was dramatically changing.  The sea level was rising and the climate was becoming much wetter as the planet continued warming after the last ice age.  The Cambridge fens were once dry rich soils growing enormous oak trees, but with a wetter climate and rising sea levels, the land turned into bogs and marshes.  The oak trees died and fell into the bogs, and sank into an anaerobic layer where there was no oxygen, and thus no decomposition.

The tannins in the oak reacted with iron in the water, turning the wood black over hundreds of years.  These trees are now dug up during every day farming practices, they can be sawn and used in furniture making as this stunning black timber, with a great story to tell

 Please contact Edward for further details

The Rosewood Jewell - The Latest Jewellery Box In The Jewell Range By Furniture Maker Edward Wild

A Beautiful Handmade Indian Rosewood Jewellery Box

A dramatic ebony framed Indian Rosewood sunburst flows around the box, opening to reveal a shimmering white rippled sycamore lining, and suede lined tray.  This limited edition box is available from the studio.  Contact Edward for Further details

The Rosewood Jewell Jewellery Box by Edward Wild