Table by Edward Wild Contemporary Furniture

Edward works mainly to commission on bespoke pieces, but all studio pieces shown in the gallery can be made to order. Please contact Edward to commission your own piece.


Currently Available: Autumn 2018

The Burr Walnut Jewel.  The latest addition to the Jewel range of Luxury Handmade jewellery and cufflink boxes

The Burr Walnut jewel combines the dramatic figuring of Burr Walnut with the clean elegant lines found throughout Edward's work.

The dramatic Burr Walnut wraps around the box on both the inside and outside with ancient 5300 year old Bog Oak string lines outlining the box.  Inside the box is lined with Sycamore, with  a Sycamore, Walnut and Suede tray.  The box is finished with over 100 coats of Hand applied French polish and a final coat of beeswax.

For further information Please contact Edward.

  The Burr Walnut Box By Edward Wild



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